INnovative educaTion foR 
sustaInable eNtrepreneurShip 
In Life sCiences



At many Life Science universities in their research degree programmes the development of entrepreneurial competencies is currently not well integrated into the mainstream curriculum at the Bachelor and Master levels. The design of curricular interventions, teachers’ pedagogical methods and assessment criteria for the delivery of sustainable entrepreneurial teaching are underdeveloped. 

As a result a significant latent potential of students’ entrepreneurial innate skills remains untapped.


Supporting the development of the entrepreneurial potential of students is of special relevance to Life Science Universities whose priorities are for a “smart, sustainable and inclusive” development and utilisation of bio-renewable resources, the sustainable management of the natural resources, the need for food and nutritional security and safety, the enhancement of the economic viability of the food and non-food value chains, and the reduction of poverty – all necessary efforts in order to achieve the delivery of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030. 

Therefore INTRINSIC aims to empower Life Science University teachers to develop their students' Sustainable Entrepreneurship Competencies so as to prepare their graduates to be being effective entrepreneurs and leaders to address the challenges of Europe`s future sustainable prosperity.


INTRINSIC will deliver five innovative intellectual outputs (O1 to O5) see also RESOURCES.

O1: An open modular interactive ePlatform to develop teaching and assessment activities for Sustainable Entrepreneurship in Life Sciences, to collaborate and develop a professional learning network and teaching portfolio, supported also by a mobile App.
O2: A mobile APP to monitor entrepreneurial-related activities of students
O3: A design tool for teaching Sustainable Entrepreneurship in Life Sciences
O4: A train-the-trainer staff development module 
O5: An online case study collection and good practice examples as support and guidance for teachers using the INTRINSIC ePlatform.


The project team consists of 9 partners working towards the establishment of sustainable enterpreneurship education at European Life Science Universities.

1. University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences Vienna, BOKU (Coordinator)

2. Agricultural University Athens, AUA

3. Universitatea de Stiinte Agricole si Medicina Veterinara a Banatului "Regele Mihai I al Romaniei" din Timisoara, BUAS

4. University of Ghent, UGent

5. University of Helsinki, UH

6. The Association for European Life Science Universities, ICA

7. University of Teramo, UNITE

8.Wageningen University, WU

9. University of Zagreb, UNIZG


Connected Educator
Entrepreneur learning App
Teaching Design Tool
Online Training Module
Case studies


Six transnational project meetings and one final international conference will be organized by INTRINSIC.

1. TPM 19-20.11.2018 Vienna, Kick-Off Meeting, organized by BOKU
2. TPM 16.05.-17.05.2019 Leuven, organized by WU
3. TPM 03.12.-5.12.2019 in Ghent, organized by UGent

4.TPM planned for Jul 2020 in Teramo, organized by UnITE
5.TPM planned for Nov 2020 in Helsinki, organized by UH
6.TPM planned for Jul 2021 in Vienna, organized by BOKU

Final multiplier event and international conference in Vienna, Jul 2021, organized by ICA


Here the publications of the INTRINSIC project will be listed.


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